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Resolution 66 - The Unity of the Church - The Eastern Orthodox Churches

Resolution 66

The Unity of the Church - The Eastern Orthodox Churches

  1. The Conference has received the Report of the Joint Doctrinal Commission appointed by the Oecumenical Patriarch and the Archbishop of Canterbury, which met in 1931, dealt with some of the theological points of importance about which there is difference and agreement, and examined the measure of agreement between the Anglican and Orthodox Communions. It thanks the theologians concerned for their valuable work in elucidating the "Suggested Terms of Intercommunion," as originally propounded by the Archbishop of Canterbury's Eastern Churches Committee, and asks the Archbishop of Canterbury, in co-operation with the Oecumenical Patriarch, to appoint a further Joint Commission with a view to the continuance of this study.
  2. The Conference expresses its sense of deep fellowship with the Eastern Orthodox Communion in all its branches, and offers its sympathy to those members of the Eastern Orthodox Church who in different countries are exposed to special trial and difficulty at the present time, praying that God in his mercy may once again grant them liberty and peace. The Conference is convinced that the contribution of the Orthodox tradition is essential to the full life and witness of the Universal Church, and that a deepened understanding and fellowship between our two Communions has much to give to the healing of the nations, and especially to the growth of mutual understanding between East and West in the world today.
  3. The Conference heartily welcomes and thanks God for the re-establishment of relations with the Russion Orthodox Church and hopes that these relations may be progressively strengthened and deepened.
  4. The Conference expresses its deep sympathy with the Church of Greece in its great difficulties, and prays that God will bless and strengthen it in its ministrations to the people of Greece in their present afflictions.