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Resolution 36 - The Church and the Modern World - The Church Militant

Resolution 36

The Church and the Modern World - The Church Militant

The Conference, assured that the Gospel of Christ is the power of God unto salvation and that the conversion of mankind to him is the only way whereby evil in the world today can be overcome, and being convinced of the need for spiritual leadership and venture at this time, issues:

  1. a summons to all members of the Church to acknowledge their failure, both personal and corporate, to make Christ universally known, and humbly to rededicate themselves to the task committed to the people of God;
  2. a call to the individual members of every local church to strengthen the corporate life and worship of their church, and so to increase its influence upon the life of the community;
  3. an appeal to all bishops of the Anglican Communion to take the initiative in this time of urgency, calling both clergy and laity to survey and undertake the task set before the Church in their immediate localities.

We would urge upon the clergy the importance of pastoral visitation, of making contacts in factory, field, and office, and of fuller participation in the everyday life of the people, so as to win from them a hearing which would result in a new approach to worship, and a new understanding of the universal sovereignty of God.

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