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Resolution 44 - The Unity of the Church - Evangelical Free Churches of

Resolution 44

The Unity of the Church - Evangelical Free Churches of England

The Conference cordially thanks the influential delegation from the Federal Council of the Evangelical Free Churches of England* for attending one of the sessions of its Committee, and for the help of that delegation in defining the issues which have still to be resolved before further advance towards organic union is possible. The Conference notes with satisfaction and gratitude the great measure of agreement on matters of faith reached at the Conferences held from 1921 till 1925 between representatives of the Church of England and representatives of the Federal Council of Evangelical Free Churches, and hopes that at an early date such conferences may be resumed with a view to ascertaining whether the Proposed Scheme of Union prepared for the Churches in South India, or other proposals which have been put forward, suggest lines on which further advance towards agreement on questions of order can be made, and that similar conferences may be held elsewhere.

*The Rev. A.E. Garvie, DD, the Rev. M.E. Aubrey, MA, the Rev. J.T. Barkby, the Rev. S.M. Berry, DD, the Rev. D. Brook, DCL, the Rev. Charles Brown, DD, the Rev. J. Scott Lidgett, DD, the Rev. W.L. Robertson, DD, the Rev, P. Carnegie Simpson, DD, the Rev. H.J. Taylor and Bishop Arthur Ward.