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Resolution 34 - Missionary Problems

Resolution 34

Missionary Problems

The Conference thankfully recognises the practical steps which missionary societies and boards have taken towards the realisation of the ultimate aim of all mission work, namely, the establishment of self-governing, self-supporting, and self-extending Churches, from which outside control has been withdrawn at the earliest moment, so as to allow the free expression of their national character.

It would urge further that the call for such action is in the present day more insistent than ever before, and believes that, generally speaking, the societies and boards can best achieve their purpose by making their work centre from the first in the Church rather than in the mission organisation, and in particular:

  1. by the establishment of councils which shall be fully representative of the congregations, and have real responsibilities of government;
  2. by substituting for committees and councils representative chiefly of the mission and its subscribers, diocesan boards and committees, and in general associating all their work with the diocesan organisation;
  3. by entrusting to these local bodies a real share in the financial control and general direction of the work of the mission;
  4. by giving the widest freedom to indigenous workers to develop the work in their own countries on lines in accordance with their national character.

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