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Resolution 7

That we who are here present do acquiesce in the Resolution of the Convocation of Canterbury, passed on 29 June 1866, relating to the Diocese of Natal, to wit:

If it be decided that a new bishop should be consecrated: As to the proper steps to be taken by the members of the Church in the Province of Natal for obtaining a new bishop, it is the opinion of this House:

    • first, that a formal instrument, declaratory of the doctrine and discipline of the Church of South Africa should be prepared, which every bishop, priest and deacon to be appointed to office should be required to subscribe;
    • secondly, that a godly and well-learned man should be chosen by the clergy, with the assent of the lay communicants of the Church;
    • and thirdly, that he should be presented for consecration, either to the Archbishop of Canterbury - if the aforesaid instrument should declare the doctrine and discipline of Christ as received by the United Church of England and Ireland - or to the bishops of the Church of South Africa, according as hereafter may be judged to be most advisable and convenient.

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