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Progress report on Resolution ACC 13-31, 2006

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Report to Joint Standing Committee, 2004

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Report to the Anglican Consultative Council 2002

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Newsletter: Women and the Family

Women and the Family (Trinity 2002)

Many African mothers are desperate to get funds to help them educate their daughters and enable them to escape the cycle of poverty, early pregnancy, single parenthood and more poverty. Research shows that educating women and girls is the single most effective strategy for reducing poverty. Several articles in this newsletter show that women in many parts of the world are now the breadwinner for their families. For some, this can develop their opportunities and this newsletter also celebrates the strength of women, working to bring peace in the Sudan, more social cohesion in S. India, learning new skills in the Lebanon. But the extension of "women's work" can also be an added burden - particularly if there is little partner

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Resolutions ACC-11

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Lambeth Conference 1998 Resolutions

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The Eames Monitoring Group Report

The Lambeth Conference of 1988 came at a critical time for the coherence and unity of the Anglican Communion as a whole. The bishops found themselves facing the imminent possibility of one of the Provinces ordaining a woman to the episcopate, and had to address the challenge of how to maintain the highest degree of communion with one another and how to strengthen their commitment to one another despite differences in principle and practice

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Resolutions ACC-10

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Report to the Joint Standing Committee 1996

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Resolutions ACC-9

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