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Statement from the International Anglican Liturgical Consultation, Rites Relating to Marriage

Statements of the International Anglican Liturgical Consultation are always several years in the making. They grow from a period of consultation and conference discussions and the sharing of scholarly papers and discussion.

15 OCT 2012 1006 KB

IALC Report on Elements used in Communion

Eucharistic Food and Drink A report of the Inter-Anglican Liturgical Commission to the Anglican Consultative Council

10 NOV 2009 152 KB

International Anglican Liturgical Consultations Auckland 2009

The International Anglican Liturgical Consultation met August 3-8 at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Auckland, in the Anglican Church of Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia.

10 AUG 2009 15 KB

ACC-14 Liturgy - IALC - International Anglican Liturgical Consultations

13 MAY 2009 93 KB

Lambeth Conference Reflections

03 AUG 2008 290 KB

Lambeth Conference 2008 Reflections - Spanish

03 AUG 2008 463 KB

Conference 2008 - Section A: Introduction

Section A of the Lambeth Conference 2008

03 AUG 2008 N/A

Lambeth Conference Reader

This Reader contains background reading for the Lambeth Conference. A number of the papers have been published in other places and at other times. The papers are collected together and re-published in this volume for the convenience of those who will be attending the Lambeth Conference. All the material is the product of particular Anglican Communion groups or networks, or has been written particularly for this Reader

03 AUG 2008 849 KB

International Anglican Liturgical Consultations minutes 2007

The chair, Paul Bradshaw, welcomed members of the Consultation and they identified themselves by name and place. The meeting discussed arrangements affecting the process of the event, including provision of an opportunity for members to discuss Communion issues during an off-agenda session. 

12 AUG 2007 54 KB

IALC report 'Eucharistic Food and Drink'

19 FEB 2007 152 KB