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ACC-15 Anglican Responses to GBV

07 NOV 2012 127 KB

ACC-15 UN Commission of the Status of Women

07 NOV 2012 39 KB

ACC-15 UNCSW In God we came together

07 NOV 2012 68 KB

Resolutions ACC-15

07 NOV 2012 183 KB

IAWN report to ACC-15, Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand, 2012

05 NOV 2012 125 KB

Safe Church Consultation Report to ACC15

‘The abuse of power is an extraordinarily complex multi-layered issue and involves the individual, the group, the community, the institution, is intensely personal, unavoidably political and has far-reaching consequences. 

29 OCT 2012 1.32 MB

Statement from the International Anglican Liturgical Consultation, Rites Relating to Marriage

Statements of the International Anglican Liturgical Consultation are always several years in the making. They grow from a period of consultation and conference discussions and the sharing of scholarly papers and discussion.

15 OCT 2012 1006 KB

The Francophone Network of the Anglican Communion Seventh Triennial Meeting Douala, Cameroon September 11, 2012

11 SEP 2012 173 KB

Resolutions: Appendix 1 - Principles for Evaluating New Liturgical Materials (adopted)

11 SEP 2012 187 KB

Resolutions: Appendix 2 - Prayer for the Democratic Republic of Congo

11 SEP 2012 94 KB