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Section M: Expression of Thanks

Section M of the Lambeth Conference 2008

03 AUG 2008 N/A

Lambeth Conference 2008 Notes of the Reflections

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Lambeth Conference 2008 Executive Summary

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'I Am' Lambeth Booklet

The Gospel of John thrills and challenges us with the vast scope of its opening sentences. By deliberately using words and phrases which recall the beginning of the Book of Genesis, John has powerfully reminded us that the life and ministry of Jesus Christ is not confined by place or time. In this Gospel we meet a figure whose significance spans infinity and eternity. As our Bible studies will make clear, Jesus’ rightful claim to the divine title ‘I am’ is a sign that he bridges the past, present and future just as he bridges Jew and Gentile, men and women.

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Lambeth Conference Reader

This Reader contains background reading for the Lambeth Conference. A number of the papers have been published in other places and at other times. The papers are collected together and re-published in this volume for the convenience of those who will be attending the Lambeth Conference. All the material is the product of particular Anglican Communion groups or networks, or has been written particularly for this Reader

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Welcome to Canterbury for the 2008 Lambeth Conference. It is a real blessing to greet you as we begin our work together, and I pray that these days spent in reflection, prayer, discussion and fellowship will bear fruit in the life of the entire Communion in which God has called us to minister.

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Signs On The Way A4

Bible Studies for the Anglican Communion in the Year of the Lambeth Conference

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Signs On The Way A5

Bible Studies for the Anglican Communion in the Year of the Lambeth Conference

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TEAC - Theological Education for the Anglican Communion

TEAC was established at the meeting of the Anglican Primates in Gramado, Brazil in May 2003


these pages are an archive of the TEAC pages of the website

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Newsletter: Helping Families - A Vital Part of the Churches' Mission

Helping Families - A Vital Part of the Churches' Mission

The International Anglican Family Network is a well established network of the Anglican Communion which has been in existence for over 20 years. Through its newsletters, which from 1996 to 2007 have been published as an integral part of Anglican World, it links together many thousands of Anglican Christians working in family ministries across the world. Each newsletter focuses on a particular theme, many of them linked with the Millennium Development Goals (for full list of publications see our website The articles are contributed by a wide range of people - clerical and lay, men and women - from many different Provinces. They tell not only of particular challenges facing families but of

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