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ARCIC II - Life in Christ, Morals, Communion and the Church

As we reach the end of ten years in the life of ARCIC-II it may be opportune to recall the words of Pope John Paul II and Archbishop Robert Runcie in their Common Declaration at Canterbury in May, 1982

06 SEP 1993 148 KB

Resolutions ACC-9

22 JAN 1993 131 KB

Porvoo Common Statement

This is the name given to a report issued at the conclusion of theological conversations by official representatives of four Anglican Churches and eight Nordic and Baltic Churches in 1989-1992. The Porvoo Common Statement included the text of the Porvoo Declaration, which the participants commended for acceptance to their Churches

13 OCT 1992 99 KB

Mission Commissions MISAG II (1987-1992)

The Singapore ACC-7 established the Mission Issues Strategy (MISAG II) at its meeting in 1987

13 JUL 1992 272 KB

The Final Report of MISAG II 'Towards Dynamic Mission'

At the request of the fifth meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC-5) in 1981 (Newcastle), an international Advisory Group on Mission Issues and Strategy was formed and reported to the ACC-6 (Nigeria).

10 FEB 1992 246 KB

Statement from the Anglican Primates Meeting 1991 Newcastle, Northern Ireland

We have met in Newcastle, Northern Ireland, as the Primates of the 28 Churches of the Anglican communion, together with the Moderators of the Churches of North and South India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

11 APR 1991 1019 KB

ARCIC II - The Church as Communion

During the past four years the members of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission have considered the mystery of communion which is given and made visible in the Church. This has not been an easy task, because of the inherent complexity and depth of the mystery

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Resolutions ACC-8

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Common Declaration - October 1989

The Common Declaration by Pope John Paul II and the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Robert Runcie

02 OCT 1989 17 KB

Index of Resolutions from 1988

Lambeth Conference Archives - 1988

14 AUG 1988 N/A