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Newsletter: Investing in Childhood

Investing in Childhood

2009 sees the 20th anniversary of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, and the 30th of the Year of the Child (1979). What progress has been made investing in those things which work for a more child-friendly world? The articles in this newsletter, drawn from many countries, present a sombre picture. Our investment in the growing trees of the forest (the children) remains woefully inadequte. But many of the stories also tell of resilience and courage; of projects starting from very small seeds which have grown to bring encouragement, support and education to many - girls as well as boys; and of work being done by followers of Jesus who, despite the odds, have not lost hope.

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Primates' Statement on Zimbabwe

The Primates of the Anglican Communion, meeting in Alexandria, Egypt on 3rd February, 2009, heard first hand reports of the situation in Zimbabwe, and note with horror the appalling difficulties of the people of this nation under the current regime

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Statement of Concern about the situation in Gaza by the Primates and Moderators of the Anglican Communion

We, the Primates and Moderators of the Anglican Communion, meeting in Alexandria, Egypt, are aware of the great tragedy and human suffering in this region, especially in Gaza at this time.

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Statement of Concern about the Sudan Situation by the Primates and Moderators of the Anglican Communion

As Primates and Moderators of the Anglican Communion, meeting in Alexandria, Egypt on
4th February, 2009, we have been deeply concerned to hear of major obstacles to peace in the Sudan which threaten to undermine efforts to achieve lasting peace and development in the country.

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Windsor Continuation Group Report

Anglicanism is a tradition of Christian faith which affirms the revelation of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It acknowledges the unique revelation of God in the incarnation, passion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Deeper Communion; Gracious Restraint: A Letter from Alexandria to the Churches of the Anglican Communion

At the invitation of the Archbishop of Canterbury, as the Primates and Moderators of the Churches of the Anglican Communion, we gathered for prayer and consultation in the ancient city of Alexandria, with the Most Revd Mouneer Anis, President Bishop of the Church of Jerusalem and the Middle East, as our host.

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The Vision Before Us

The Vision Before Us, subtitled 'The Kyoto Report of the Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Ecumenical Relations 2000-2008', records the Commission's work of maintaining an overview of the Anglican Communion's engagement with Christians of other traditions, and of giving encouragement and advice to the ecumenical activities of the Communion and the Provinces.

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8 December 2008 Communiqué Kyoto, Japan

The Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Ecumenical Relations (IASCER) held its last meeting in Kyoto, Japan, under the chairmanship of the Most Revd Drexel Gomez, Primate of the Church in the Province of the West Indies.

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IASCER Resolutions arising from the 2008 meeting

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The Windsor Continuation Group

The Windsor Continuation Group was set up by the Archbishop of Canterbury following his Advent Letter to the Primates in December 2008. It has been asked to advise the Archbishop on the implementation of the recommendations of the Windsor Report, how best to carry forward the Windsor Process in the life of the Communion, and to consult on the "unfinished business" of the Report 

Documents compiled from the ACO website

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