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Lambeth Conference Reflections

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Lambeth Conference 2008 Reflections - Spanish

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Lambeth Conference Reader

This Reader contains background reading for the Lambeth Conference. A number of the papers have been published in other places and at other times. The papers are collected together and re-published in this volume for the convenience of those who will be attending the Lambeth Conference. All the material is the product of particular Anglican Communion groups or networks, or has been written particularly for this Reader

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Section I.2 - Religious Freedom and Tolerance

Section I.2 of the Lambeth Conference 1998

09 AUG 1998 N/A

Embassy Hospitality And Dialogue Christians And People Of Other Faiths

Christian engagement with people of other faiths goes back to the very origins of Christianity. The Christian faith was born in a plural environment and had to relate not only to Judaism and to "classical" Graeco-Roman religion but also to the various "mystery" cults of the Mediterranean world as well as state religions such as Zoroastrianism in the Persian Empire

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Resolution 62 - Peace in the Sudan

Resolution 62 of the Lambeth Conference 1988

14 AUG 1988 N/A

Resolution 13 - The Christians of the Southern Sudan

Resolution 13 of the Lambeth Conference 1968 

11 AUG 1968 N/A

Resolution 14 - West Africa

Resolution 14 of the Lambeth Conference 1968 

11 AUG 1968 N/A