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Marks of Mission bookmark - Word

A bookmark on the Marks of Mission featuring the presentation of the Gospel

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IATDC - Inter Anglican Theological and Doctrinal Commission

The current Inter-Anglican Theological and Doctrinal Commission was set up in 2001 and given a mandate to study the nature of communion, and ways in which the relationship between the autonomous churches which make up the Anglican Communion could be sustained and strengthened. 

These pages are an archive of the IATDC pages of the website

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Guidelines for Companion Link Relationships - English

Partnership in Mission is at the heart of relationships within both the Anglican Communion and the wider Church. The Anglican Consultative Council, meeting in Dublin in 1973, noted that while the responsibility for mission in any given place belongs primarily to the local church in that place, each part of the worldwide church also carries responsibility for mission in every other place.

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Guidelines for Companion Link Relationships - Spanish

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Companion Link Profile Form - Word Doc

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Companion Link Profile Form - PDF

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The Five Marks of Mission

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Les Cinq Marques de la Mission

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As Cinco Marcas da Missão

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Las Cinco Marcas de la Misión

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