Investing in Youth and Children


For the first time in history the generation of young people between the ages 10 and 24 has reached 1.8 billion according to UN data, which is almost one third of the world population. Nearly 9 out of 10 young people live in developing countries facing such daily challenges as lack of access to education and healthcare and poor work opportunities.

The Anglican Communion has over 85 million membersall over the world, majority of them are under the age of 35 and live in developing countries. Therefore, investing in young people - from social, political, economic, cultural, religious, or evangelistic stand point - must be a top priority of every institution of the world, especially the Church.

Often the potential and contribution of young is unrecognised and undervalued. Young people are not simply the ‘future’ generation but are an important force for the present as they contribute to nation building, peace and community cohesion, Church growth, and advancement of God’s Kingdom for transformation of society. The health and viability of a family and sustainability of a community and a nation should be measured by the way it invests in children young people.

Anglican Communion is committed to promoting work by, with and among youth and children, and gathering and sharing of learning, resources and good practice from various Provinces and regions of the Communion.

There is a resource hub for children and young people with some useful information on child and youth discipleship.