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Intentional Discipleship and Disciple Making - An Anglican Guide for Christian Life and Formation

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This report was prepared for the Anglican Consultative Council meeting in Lusaka in 2106 (ACC-16); and subsequently published as a book. In ACC-16 Resolution 1(4) it was commended for study throughout the Anglican Communion as an Anglican Guide to Christian Life and Formation.

Living and Sharing Jesus Shaped Life

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This Brochure briefly explains how Intentional Discipleship is expressed in Living & Sharing Jesus Shaped Life.


Living and Sharing Jesus Shaped Life

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This Booklet offers a fuller explanation of what is involved in Living & Sharing Jesus Shaped Life exploring the meaning of Discipleship, linking this to the Anglican Communion's Five Marks of Mission & giving practical next steps for individuals and groups.

A Life Guide

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This contains 12 studies designed to catalyse and facilitate engagement with the implications of Living and Sharing Jesus Shaped Life. It is for use in small groups or as part of a Consultation on Intentional Discipleship,

A Framework for Catechesis and Intentional Discipleship in the Anglican Communion

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This short booklet illustrates how regional catechesis might be re-framed to link to the Anglican Communion's Five Marks of Mission and encourage the Living and Sharing of Jesus Shaped Life.

Whole-Life Discipleship - Living Jesus-Shaped Lives: A handbook for those running training consultations

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Consultations have proved highly effective in fostering understanding of Intentional Discipleship and catalysing necessary change. They make use of this Handbook which then allows participants to replicate and deliver similar transformation in their more local contexts.

Other Discipleship Path Resources

We have collated a range of additional resources on Intentional Discipleship for children, youth and adults, in three stages of the discipleship path: "Starting Out", "On The Road", and "Going Further".

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