Adults going further

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you. (Matthew 28:19-20)

Whole Life Discipleship

LICCWhole Life Discipleship: a discipleship tool from LICC aimed at equipping Christians with a holistic understanding of the Christian faith - with strategies for reading the Bible from a whole-life perspective.


The Possible World Course

CMSThe Possible World Course: a practical, mission-shaped discipleship course for small groups. For churches looking for a practical course to help them offer a challenge and a real hope to their communities.


Christians Agaisnt Poverty

CAPChristians Against Poverty: a unique ‘hands on’ model of God’s love in action - empowering people to help themselves out of poverty and released from the fear generated by overwhelming debts.


Whole-Life Discipleship Handbook

The handbook has been produced Faith2Share as a resource for training trainers in intentional discipleship. 

The Bible in the Life of the Church

This initiative “raises some fundamental questions that we share: What place does Scripture have in our life together? How do we engage with and interpret what we read in its pages? Do we understand how others in the Communion, often because their context is different from our own, do this? Can their context and perspectives be a gift to mine? In exploring some of these questions – together – I am convinced that our appreciation of the Bible may be transformed and enriched.” Archishop Justin Welby

Discipleship – Discover, Develop and Deploy

Specific posts on Discipleship from the Diocese of Rupertsland in Canada.

Bible Reading Fellowship

The Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF) resources the spiritual journey of individuals, churches and schools. You can find out more about their ministry by exploring a number of their websites that support each of their ministries for children, schools, dads, churches, adults and older people.

Agents of Change

The Agents of Change programme is one of the most exciting innovations, equiping global Anglicans on the frontline of community development. It brings the best approaches in distance learning to strengthen the skills of Anglicans working with their churches in the development of their local communities.

Following Jesus: the Plural of Disciple is Church

by Alison Morgan who well known as the author of The Wild Gospel and Word on the Windand especially for her contribution to the African-based discipleship programme “Rooted in Jesus”. Available here Alison Morgan explains the tool for discipleship and disciple-making Read more here for INDIVIDUAL LEARNING.

Contagious Disciple Making: leading others on a journey of discovery

byDavid and Paul Watson. This book map out a simple method that has sparked an explosion of home grown churches in the United States and around the world.

Mission-Shaped Parish: traditional church in a changing world

by Paul Bayes looks at the bread-and-butter things that churches regularly do. It takes a fresh look at a typical parish church’s worship, pastoral contacts, civic and public responsibilities, faith nurturing opportunities, its administration and government.

Coaching for Missional Leadership

Bob Hopkins and Freddy Hedley examine the importance of supporting leaders through coaching and mentoring, so that mission initiatives, church plants and fresh expressions of church have access to accompaniment that both.

Mission Shaped Intro

has been written to help churches think creatively about mission in the current context, become aware of, and engage with the cultural changes in contemporary society, explore how to better shape your church for mission understand what ‘fresh expressions of church” may look like, and how they  relate to inherited patterns of church ministry.

Langham Preaching Programme

A preaching course of three levels, the Bible in general, second on the New Testament and, third on the First Testament.


Revive is a discipleship program for active lay leaders to help them grow in confidence as spiritual leaders who love God and want to live a Jesus-shaped life.

Ambassadors for Christ testimonies

Ambassadors 2020 is part of Capital Vision 2020, the Diocese of London's shared vision for a Church for London that is Christ-centred and outward looking. "We seek to be more confident in speaking and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ, more compassionate in serving communities with the love of God the Father and more creative in reaching new people and places with the Good News in the power of the Spirit." Take a look at this new film ‘Ambassadors for Christ in Daily Life’ on the Diocesan website, which gives a glimpse into one aspect of Capital Vision 2020. You are encouraged to share it widely: 

Whole Life Discipleship

is a discipleship tool aimed at equipping Christians with a holistic understanding of Christian life, that which seriously takes into account that God is interested in every aspect of human life and experience as sum total, and that our faith ought to touch every aspect of our human experience.

Natural Church Development

NCD is all about releasing the potential that God has already implanted in our lives. Based on research in more than 70,000 churches on all six continents, NCD describes universal principles that are applicable regardless of culture or spiritual style.

Transforming your Church by Mark Conner

Seven strategic shifts to help navigate the 21st Century.

Disciples are Made not Born

by Walter A. Henrichsen describes modern disciples and how to make disciples of others.

Becoming a Parish of Intentional Disciples

by Sherry Weddell, draws together a wide range of essays by lay and ordained leaders as they dream about what a Parish transformed by a group of intentional disciples might look like.

The Master Plan of Evangelism

by Robert E. Coleman sets out a simple model of evangelism based on the ministry of Jesus.

Missional map-making: Skills for Leading in Times of Transition

by Alan Roxburgh. Guidance for church leaders to develop their own maps and chart new paths toward stronger, more vibrant, and more mission the burgeoning missional church movement.

The Institute of Evangelism

Established in an Anglican theological college to do research, support students and the church for evangelism. It publishes newsletters and compiles a list of other resources.


ReSource is a UK based agency working for the renewal of people and churches for mission in the power of the Holy Spirit - across all traditions, Churches and denominations, but with an Anglican distinctive. Their vision is to help build a church which is diverse, local, renewed in the Spirit and effective in mission.

The Gospel in a Pluralistic Society

by Leslie Newbigin. A classic and early treatment of the changing culture out of Christendom Europe. Using his experience as a missionary in India, Leslie Newbigin applied his insights into culture when he returned to Europe.

The Mission Driven Parish

byPatrick Brennan is a strong prophetic call to renewal in the Catholic Church, and very relevant to Anglican Churches and helpful especially to those from the Ango-Catholic tradition.

The Evangelizing Parish

by Patrick Brennan. This must-read resource by a Roman Catholic priest gives theologies and strategies for holistic renewal and growth.

Breakout Church

by Thom Rainer. This insightful research shows how each of the thirteen churches researched “broke out” of mediocrity and grew.

I believe in Evangelism

by David Watson, is a simply written classic older book but still applicable.

Power Evangelism

by John Wimber. John’s personal life touched many and this book provides insights on the role of the Spirit in evangelism.

Study by Extension for All Nations

SEAN provides a set of theological study materials for use by churches and theological education providers.

Spiritual Power and Church Growth

by Peter Wagner explores lessons from the amazing growth of the church in Latin America.

Biblical Christianity in African perspectives

by Wilbur O’Donovan addresses basic truths of Christian faith, written in everyday language and is a result of research, and evaluation in consultation with more than 300 African Theological students and faculty members.

Transforming mission

by David Bosch is the classic textbook exploring the way in which Christian mission has changed over the centuries and exploring different mission paradigms.

Christian Mission

by Stephen Spencer is a workbook that explores many of the issues covered in David Bosch’s Transforming Mission and might be considered by many as a more accessible book.

Introduction to Gospel-Based Discipleship

The Gospel in the Centre of ‘Sacred Circle’ has become an important and dynamic part of the growing spiritual movement among Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island.

Introducing the Missional Church

by Alan Roxburgh and Scott Boren identify the issues when a church faces a society of rapid change, spiritual and psychological, and points to ways of riding the waves and getting back in touch with God’s mission in this changing world.

"Thy Kingdom Come"

A Bible Study series from the Diocese of Harare, Church of the Province of Central Africa, looking at what it means to live out the 5 Marks of Mission

Issue Specific Resources

Bible Studies on Domestic Violence

They were prepared by Revd Angela C Bosfield Palacious Anglican Hospital Chaplain Nassau, Diocese of the Bahamas & Turks and Caicos Islands. These studies were written at the request of the Crisis Centre Committee for more church involvement in the topic of domestic violence. There had been a special two-day workshop for clergy and a way forward was discussed. They are intended as an introduction to the subject in the church context for women's, men's and youth groups as well as bible study groups and any group that would wish to use them to promote dialogue. Material from local crisis centres would provide statistics and lists of resource persons for further discussions. For more information on them please contact the Anglican Communion Office.

Christians Against Poverty

aims to show God’s love in action by providing sustainable poverty relief through debt counselling, advice and practical help. CAP’s unique ‘hands on’ approach empowers people to help themselves out of poverty and be released from the fear, oppression and worry generated by overwhelming debts.

Lent Resources

At the Foot of the Cross - Diocese of West Malaysia

The Diocese of West Malaysia has produced a lent study in EnglishChinese and Tamil using the Pslams

Intentional Discipleship - The Diocese of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands

Lenten Bible study resource on the subject of intentional discipleship.

Vivre selon le plan du Salut de Dieu - Diocese of Mauritius

A French and English language resource from the Diocese of Mauritius providing lenten reflections engaging with themes raised by the 50th centenary of Mauritian independence.

Set Free by Truth - North American Ecumenical Lenten Devotions

The Episcopal Church, Anglican Church of Canada and ecumenical partners have come together to prepare a set of lent devotionals.

God's Rescue Mission - Church of England

The Church of England is inviting Christians to #LiveLentwith a six-week discipleship programme based on John’s Gospel. Organised with the global prayer movement Thy Kingdom Come, #LiveLent – Let Your Light Shine, will help participants explore what it means to be a witness through a series of daily readings, reflections, prayer, and a simple action “that will enable the light of Jesus to shine through our everyday lives.”

Lenten Fast for Creation - ACEN

The Anglican Communion Environmental Network has joined forces with the Global Catholic Climate Movement to produce a multi-lingual Lenten carbon fast in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. The campaign begins with an introductory week, from 15 February to 17 February, where the focus is on prayer. This is followed by four themed weeks, on waste, food, energy and water; with a final “Week of Appreciating Nature” in the run up to Holy Week.

Being Salt and Light - Church Army

The Church Army – a mission society linked with the Anglican Churches in the UK and Ireland – has produced a series of Lent reflections in which they dare people to carry out tasks designed to inspire and activate them in their evangelism.

Good Book Club - Church's Forward Movement

The US-based Episcopal Church’s Forward Movement is inviting Episcopalians to study the Gospel of Luke during Lent and the Acts of the Apostles over Eastertide, through a series of daily readings. “We love sequels, and Luke-Acts provides a wonderful two-part narrative,” the ministry says on its Good Book Club website.

Lent Madness 

In Lent Madness, 32 saints will battle it out to win the “Golden Halo” through internet voting. Devised by the Revd Tim Schenck a priest from  the US-based Episcopal Church’s Diocese of Massachusetts, this is a Lent campaign with a “unique blend of competition, learning, and humour” and will inspire participants “by the ways in which God has worked through the lives of saintly souls across generations and cultures.”

All Things are Possible - USPG

This five-week study course from Us looks at the issue of migration and the movement of people. These are topics that are seldom out of the headlines and that touch all of us. The course looks at economic migration, refugees and the displacement of communities due to climate change, as well as human trafficking.

Hear the Stories - Anglican Board of Mission

A 7 part study guide containing transformative stories from around the world of Anglican communities grappling with global challenges.  The seven individual studies have been designed around the lectionary readings for Ash Wednesday and each Sunday in Lent. They have been designed for group discussion but are also suitable for individual reflection.

Into the Desert - Anglican Board of Mission

'Into the Desert' contains 40 days of Bible readings, reflections and prayers that will take you on a spiritual journey into the Australian wilderness.

Video resources

Leadership for Discipleship

This set of videos, developed by the Anglican Diocese of Wellington as part of their ‘Anglican Movement’, helps us understand how leaders in churches and small groups can birth, grow and nurture disciples in the habits and ways of Jesus -

Wellington Leadership Video Icon

Theological formation

Bishop Derek Eaton of Aotearoea New Zealand speaks of the need for rounded theological formation and the calibre of those who teach -

Dean: Revd Dr Andrew Burgess speaks of Boshpdale college as a place of mentoring, theological formation and discipleship -


Ambassadors for Christ testimonies:

Testimonies of those who have signed to be intentional ambassadors for Jesus in their everyday life share their personal stories  and here


Five Marks of Mission

Revd Chris Wright

Revd Dan Clarke St James' by the Park, Shirley (UK)

Anglican Diocese of Ottawa: Five Marks of Mission - Great Chapters 2011



Prayer Corner

Prayer and prayer life is a very central part of Christian faith and discipleship, a selection of useful prayer resources are below:

Acts29 Network

Acts 29 Ministries

Acts 29 Prayer Team

Global Day of Prayer

Pray Europe 

Church Growth Africa

24/7 Prayer International

Season of Creation

5 Marks of Mission

Bible study resources on the 5 Marks of Mission of the Anglican Communion can be found here.  A range of resources from different parts of the Communion and suitable for different contexts are provided to assist those seeking to go understand what it means to live out the 5 Marks in their day to day lives.

Living Marks of Mission Anglican Board of Mission

The Anglican Board of Mission in Australia has recently developed a new educational resource based on the 5 Marks of Mission,  to be used by Religious Education teachers and Chaplains in high schools. The overall purpose of the material is to engage students with key ideas of social justice in the Christian faith, which can provide both the motivation and direction for tangible action.