Exposure Campaign Prayers

A selection prayers in support of this year’s 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence from people across the Communion. 

Dear god we thank you for the gift of life in the midst of lockdowns, a result of covid 19 pandemic.

We bring our sisters and brothers who are imigrants yet they are daily faced with gender based violence in the hands of their 'so called' lovers. 

They are even afraid to report the cases because they fear arrest from law authorities. 

Men are too embarrassed by the fact that society will not believe them.

Women are afraid because they do not have anywhere else to go.

They are crying on their own because they do not trust even their neighbours.

Men and women of the cloth are out of reach because of all the restrictions.

We pray for healing, strenght and devine intervantion.

We still believe that there is nothing impossible with you god

This we pray in jesus name.  Amen 

The Very Revd Dr Dalcy Dlamini from the Anglican province of Southern Africa


Creating God of all, as we stand in solidarity with the suffering of this world, may our words and actions change behaviour and attitudes.

We pray for all who work to prevent and eliminate violence against women and girls. 

May the 16 days of activism highlight injustices and activate initiatives that increase awareness and advocate for healthy relationships.

We pray for governing bodies, leaders of nations, and leaders of churches. 

May they rule wisely and work toward changing systems that permit, ignore, or justify violence against women and children in all our communities. 

Bless us, as members of the Anglican Communion.

May we always seek to do justice, promote love and kindness, and care for the vulnerable across our world.

In Jesus name we pray.


Ngā manaakitanga,

Archdeacon Carole Hughes


Holy and compassionate God, in whose image we all have been formed, we ask your love to surround women, girls and all who suffer injustice, abuse and other violence. Cleanse and heal the hearts of those who violate them. Empower your Church to work as Christ’s heart and hands in bringing justice and peace to all communities and families. We pray especially:

For the women and others burned and murdered at home in Chabusiku, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and other violence in the region.

For women who are victims of rape as a weapon of war.   

For Indigenous women and girls and 2SLGBTQAI persons in Canada and elsewhere, who are more likely to be missing, murdered, incarcerated, or trafficked for sexual exploitation.

For the elimination of child marriage and pregnancy in Zambia and elsewhere.

For women and girls who migrate from their communities and homelands to support their families, and risk labour exploitation, abuse, and violence in cities and foreign lands.

For mothers and their children seeking asylum who have been forcibly separated at national border crossings for lengthy periods or permanently in the USA and elsewhere.

For all who are actively striving for justice and peace for women and girls in these and other situations where they are at-risk of violence and abuse.

All this we ask through the love of Jesus Christ our Saviour. Amen.

Prayer on behalf of the Anglican Peace and Justice Network


Dduw cyfanrwydd a deall

ti a wyddost gyfrinachau ein calonnau

a’r cymhellion sy’n lliwio ein geiriau a’n hymddygiad.

Cynorthwya ni i weld ein hunain

fel yr wyt ti’n ein gweld.

Llewyrcha oleuni dy gariad i’r mannau

hynny lle mae rhagfarn yn llechu ynom

a dadwreiddia bob cymhelliad a all arwain ni,

o esgeulustod neu o fwriad,

amharchu neu niweidio unrhyw un oherwydd eu rhywedd.

Dysga ni i weld ac i anrhydeddu dy ddelw di

ym mhawb: trwy Iesu Grist ein Harglwydd.  Amen. 

The Revd Dyfrig Lloyd


Lord of peace, justice and love

Thank you that you have made us male and female, both equal in your image and equally loved.

We pray for women who have suffered violence by the hands, words or decisions of men.

We pray for those who support them to heal, to find their voice and to speak out against this injustice,

And we pray for men in every country, for the courage to stand and act against gender violence wherever it is present.

In Jesus name


The Rt Revd Hugh Nelson, Bishop of St Germans


Holy One, who sees and hears the hidden, silenced, hurt women and girls amongst us: may we have the strength to stand against the unacceptable prevalence of gender-based, power-based violence experienced amongst us; and may we let our voices, our presence, our compassion, be seen and heard in every small and large act we take to see God’s upside-down Kingdom come.  For the healing, peace and fullness of life for all women and girls in this world, in our day.


The Revd Helen Van Koevering, Episcopal Diocese of Lexington KY


Duw tosturiol, ein bodau cyfan - mae ein cyrff, ein calonnau, ein meddyliau a'n heneidiau yn cael eu gwneud gennych chi i adlewyrchu'ch cariad. Mae pawb ar y ddaear yn werthfawr ac yn hysbys i chi. Helpa ni i gydnabod a pharchu rhyddid, rhyfeddod ac urddas pawb. Grymwch ni i sefyll gyda'r rhai sydd wedi torri ac wynebu popeth sy'n achosi niwed. Bendithia ni gyda'r mewnwelediad i newid lle rydyn ni'n ddeallus neu'n anwybodus ac yn niweidio eraill gan ein geiriau, ein gweithredoedd neu ein distawrwydd. Grasiwch i ni siarad yn ddewr a gweithredu i roi diwedd ar drais ar sail rhywedd. Galluogi ni i fyw gydag uniondeb fel arwyddion corfforedig o'ch cariad tyner at bawb. Amen

Archddiacon Mary Stallard, yr Eglwys yng Nghymru


Heavenly Father God we Glorify your Holy name. Thankyou for allowing us to come together as the body of Christ to raise up to you issues that we believe, through you, anything is possible.

We come to ask your protection over all the affenders that loose control and that are tempted to commit any trespasses on others. We pray love, peace, goodness, kindness, self control, patience, faithfulness, forgiveness and joy to be given them and that they confess with their mouth that Jesus is Lord and that they open their hearts to receive your Holy Spirit Father God.

This we pray in Jesus Mighty name. Amen.

Victoria Tamati