The Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand & Polynesia

Christchurch  Community of the Sacred Name

The Anglican Church of Australia

Adelaide  Sisters of the Incarnation

Adelaide  Society of the Sacred Mission (Australia)

Ballarat  Order of St Benedict St Mark's Priory, Camperdown

Brisbane  Oratory of the Good Shepherd

Brisbane  Society of the Sacred Advent

Grafton  Community of the Sisters of the Church (Australia)

Grafton  Little Brothers of Francis

Newcastle (AUS)  Community of the Holy Name (Australia)

Newcastle (AUS)  Society of St Francis (Province of the Divine Compassion)

Wangaratta  Community of Christ the King (Benedictine)

The Church of Bangladesh

Dhaka  Christa Sevika Sangha (Handmaids of Christ)

Dhaka  Sisterhood of St Mary (Bangladesh)

The Anglican Church of Canada

Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island  Society of Our Lady St Mary

Toronto  Community of the Sisters of the Church (Canada)

Toronto  Sisterhood of St John the Divine

The Church of the Province of Central Africa

Central Zimbabwe  Chita che Zvipo Zve Moto (Community of the Gifts of the Holy Fire)

Central Zimbabwe  Community of the Holy Transfiguration

Harare  Community of the Blessed Lady Mary

Manicaland  Chita Che Zita Rinoyera (Holy Name Community)

The Church of England

Anglican Religious Communities in England website

Bath & Wells  Community of St Francis

Birmingham  Community of St John the Divine

Birmingham  Society of St Francis (European Province)

Chichester  Community of the Sacred Passion

Chichester  Community of the Servants of the Will of God

Diocese in Europe  Community of the Glorious Ascension

Exeter  Community of the Glorious Ascension

Exeter  Sisters of Charity (UK)

Exeter  Society of the Franciscan Servants of Jesus and Mary

Guildford  Community of St Peter (UK) (Woking)

Liverpool  Oratory of the Good Shepherd

London  Community of St Andrew

London  Society of St Margaret (Chiswick)

London  Community of St Mary at the Cross (Order of St Benedict) (Edgware, UK)

London  Society of St John the Evangelist (UK)

London  Society of St Margaret (Hackney)

Newcastle  Society of St Francis (European Province)

Norwich  Society of St Margaret (Walsingham)

Oxford  Community of St Clare

Oxford  Community of St John Baptist (UK)

Oxford  Community of St Mary the Virgin

Oxford  Community of the Companions of Jesus the Good Shepherd

Oxford  Community of the Servants of the Cross

Oxford  Community of the Sisters of the Love of God

Oxford  Order of St Benedict Elmore Abbey

Oxford  Order of St Benedict Mucknell Abbey

Oxford  Society of All Saints Sisters of the Poor (UK)

Oxford  Society of the Precious Blood (UK)

Portsmouth  Society of the Sisters of Bethany

Rochester  Order of St Benedict Malling Abbey

Salisbury  Community of St Denys

Southwark  Community of the Sisters of the Church (UK)

Southwark  Society of the Sacred Mission (Europe)

Southwell & Nottingham  Community of the Holy Cross (Benedictine) (Costock)

St Edmundsbury & Ipswich  Community of All Hallows

West Yorkshire & the Dales  Community of St Peter (UK) (Horbury)

West Yorkshire & the Dales  Community of the Resurrection

Winchester  Community of Our Lady & Saint John (Benedictine) (Alton Abbey)

York  Order of the Holy Paraclete

The Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean

Antananarivo  Fikambanan'ny Mpanompovavin l Jesoa Kristy (Society of the Servants of Jesus Christ)

The Church of Ireland

Dublin & Glendalough  Community of St John the Evangelist (Ireland)

The Nippon Sei Ko Kai (The Anglican Communion in Japan)

Tokyo  Community of Nazareth

The Anglican Church of Korea

Seoul  Society of the Holy Cross

The Anglican Church of Melanesia

Central Melanesia  Community of the Sisters of Melanesia

Central Melanesia  Community of the Sisters of the Church (Solomon Islands)

Central Melanesia  The Melanesian Brotherhood (Solomon Islands)

Vanuatu  The Melanesian Brotherhood (Southern Region)

The Church of North India (United)

Delhi  Brotherhood of the Ascended Christ

The Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea

Popondota  Congregation of the Sisters of the Visitation of Our Lady

Popondota  Society of St Francis (Solomon Islands Province)

Popondota  The Melanesian Brotherhood (Papua New Guinea)

Church of the Province of South East Asia

Sabah  Community of the Good Shepherd

The Anglican Church of Southern Africa

Angola (Missionary Diocese)  Society of the Sacred Mission (South Africa)

Diocese of the Free State (formerly Bloemfontein)  Community of St Michael & All Angels

Diocese of the Free State (formerly Bloemfontein)  Community of the Holy Name (Lesotho Province)

Grahamstown  Community of the Resurrection of Our Lord

Lesotho  Society of the Precious Blood (Lesotho)

Mpumalanga  Oratory of the Good Shepherd

Natal  Society of St John the Divine

St Helena  Oratory of the Good Shepherd

Zululand  Community of the Holy Name (Zulu Province)

The Anglican Church of Tanzania

Central Tanganyika  Chama cha Mariamu Mtakatifu (Community of St Mary of Nazareth and Calvary)

The Episcopal Church in the USA

Albany  Community of St Mary (Eastern Province) (USA)

Arizona  Order of the Teachers of the Children of God

Chicago  Order of St Anne

Fond du Lac  Sisterhood of the Holy Nativity

Massachusetts  Order of St Anne at Bethany

Massachusetts  Society of St John the Evangelist (USA)

Massachusetts  Society of St Margaret (Boston)

Milwaukee  Community of St Mary (Western Province) (USA)

Milwaukee  Order of Julian of Norwich

New Jersey  Community of St John Baptist (USA)

New York  Brotherhood of Saint Gregory

New York  Community of the Holy Spirit

New York  Oratory of the Good Shepherd

New York  Order of St Helena

New York  Order of the Holy Cross

New York  Society of St Francis (American Province)

Ohio  Community of the Transfiguration

San Diego  Society of St Paul

Tennessee  Community of St Mary (Southern Province) (USA)

Western Michigan  Order of St Benedict St Gregory's Abbey Three Rivers

The Church in Wales

Monmouth  Society of the Sacred Cross

Monmouth  The Holywell Community

The Church of Ceylon (E-P to the Archbishop of Canterbury)

Colombo  Society of St Margaret (East Grinstead)