COP28 - Anglican Communion hosts business, investment and state leaders and will be in a conversation with a young Indigenous leader at Faith Pavilion

4 December 2023

The Anglican Communion, in partnership with Renew Our World, will be hosting an event entitled ‘Inspiration and Learning from Indigenous Communities’ at the Faith Pavilion at COP28 tomorrow – Tuesday 5 December at 11.30am. This is an opportunity for dialogue from the heart - space to hear indigenous perspectives on the climate crisis and how faith and indigenous expressions come together in action and hope. This conversation between two people of the land, now known as Panama, will be in Spanish with English translation. 


  • Archbishop Julio Murray (Anglican Bishop of Panama)
  • Jocabed Solano (Director of Memoria Indigena) 

The second event hosted by the Anglican Communion will be a business, investment and state innovation event at the Faith Pavilion on 5 December at 12.30pm.  

In partnership with the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, the event entitled ‘Overcoming barriers to a just transition’, will be a dialogue between faith actors, finance institutions, business leaders, and states on how to make the just transition a reality. 

- The role business can play in driving a just transition 

- The challenges and opportunities of investing in emerging markets 

- The need for system-wide change to realise financial justice 

- The importance of cross-sector collaboration and the motivation of faith to act 


  • Archbishop Julio Murray (Anglican Bishop of Panama)
  • Minister Flavien Joubert (Minister of Environment for the Seychelles)
  • Eileen O’Connor (Senior Vice President for Communications, Policy, and Advocacy, The Rockefeller Foundation)
  • Alexandra Rogan (Chief Executive for the Council for Inclusive Capitalism) 

View the livestreams here: