The Windsor Report 2004

The members of the Lambeth Commission

  • Archbishop Robin Eames,
    Primate of All Ireland, Chairman
  • The Revd Canon Alyson Barnett-Cowan,
    Director of Faith, Worship and Ministry, Anglican Church of Canada
  • Bishop David Beetge,
    Dean of the Church of the Province of Southern Africa
  • Professor Norman Doe,
    Director of the Centre for Law and Religion, Cardiff University, Wales,
  • Bishop Mark Dyer,
    Director of Spiritual Formation, Virginia Theological Seminary, USA
  • Archbishop Drexel Gomez,
    Primate of the West Indies
  • Archbishop Josiah Iduwo-Fearon,
    Archbishop of Kaduna, the Anglican Church of Nigeria
  • The Revd Dorothy Lau,
    Director of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council
  • Ms Anne McGavin,
    Advocate, formerly Legal Adviser to the College of Bishops of the Scottish Episcopal Church
    Ms McGavin resigned for personal reasons after the first meeting of the Commission.
  • Archbishop Bernard Malango,
    Primate of Central Africa
  • Dr Esther Mombo,
    Academic Dean of St Paul�s United Theological Seminary, Limuru, Kenya
  • Archbishop Barry Morgan,
    Primate of Wales
    Archbishop Morgan was unable to be present at the first meeting of the Commission.
  • Chancellor Rubie Nottage,
    Chancellor of the West Indies
    Mrs Nottage was unable to be present at the second meeting of the Commission.
  • Bishop John Paterson,
    Bishop of Auckland, and Chair of the Anglican Consultative Council
  • Dr Jenny Te Paa,
    Principal of College of Saint John the Evangelist, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Bishop James Terom,
    Moderator, the Church of North India
  • Bishop N Thomas Wright,
    Bishop of Durham, the Church of England.

  • Staff

  • The Revd Canon Gregory Cameron,
    Director of Ecumenical Affairs and Studies, Anglican Communion Office,
    Secretary to the Commission
  • The Revd Canon John Rees,
    Legal Adviser to the Anglican Consultative Council,
    Legal Consultant to the Commission

  • Administrative Assistants

  • The Revd Terrie Robinson,
    Anglican Communion Office
  • Mrs Christine Codner,
    Anglican Communion Office

  • Media

  • The Revd Brian Parker,
    Church of Ireland Press Office