The Windsor Report 2004

ACC-12 Resolution 34 Province-wide and Communion-wide consultation

This Anglican Consultative Council, being concerned about a range of matters of faith and order which have arisen since we last met, and having in mind the constant emphasis on mutual responsibility and interdependence in the resolutions of successive Lambeth Conferences, from the call in 1867 for “unity in faith and discipline … by due and canonical subordination of synods” (1867, IV) to the call in 1998 for a “common mind concerning ethical issues where contention threatens to divide …” (1998, IV 5 (c)) calls upon:

  1. dioceses and individual bishops not to undertake unilateral actions or adopt policies which would strain our communion with one another without reference to their provincial authorities; and

  2. provincial authorities to have in mind the impact of their decisions within the wider Communion; and

  3. all members of the Communion, even in our disagreements to have in mind the “need for courtesy, tolerance, mutual respect and prayer for one another” (1998, III.2 (e)).