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Stewardship of Creation

Progress and Prospects on Water

Progress and Prospects on Water: Striving for Sustainability in a Changing World. World Water Week in Stockholm (August 2007).

Water is a priority issue for the Office of the Anglican Observer at the United Nations. Accordingly, in August I represented the Anglican Communion at the World Water Week in Stockholm. Sponsored by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), the World Water Week is a well-established forum for international efforts to find sustainable solutions to the world's escalating water crisis.

Healing God's Creation

The Global Anglican Congress on the Stewardship of Creation by Anglican Communion.

A collection of presentations from the Global Anglican Congress held in Hartebeesport, South Africa, in August 2002. Religious leaders, scholars, and environmentalists from several countries present data and perspectives meant not only to inform but also to urge us to do much more to preserve the resources of our earth. $15.95

Purchase will be available in More House Publishing and the office of Anglican Communion Office at the United Nations, on Nov. 2, 2004 .

Toward Sustainable Development
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Caring for the Environment

Kenyan environmentalist wins Peace Prize

Wangari Maathai, a Kenyan environmental activist who was a contributor to the Anglican Congress on the Stewardship of Creation in August of 2002 won the Nobel Peace Prize for her work as leader of the green Belt Movement. She is the founder of the Green Belt Movement, and has sought to empower women, improve the environment and fight corruption in Africa for almost 30 years.

Declaration to the Anglican Communion
by the Anglican Global Congress on the Stewardship of Creation

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, we greet you and speak to you in the name of our Trinitarian God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: Creator, Redeemer, and Life Giver.

We write as representatives of the provinces of the Anglican Communion gathered in response to the planetary crisis and immediately prior to the World Summit on Sustainable Development.

With the blessing of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the General Secretary of the Anglican Consultative Council, and the chair of the Anglican Consultative Council, our purpose is to consider the Communion's responsibilities to God and God's creation at this critical time. At the last Lambeth Conference in 1998 our Bishops again identified the environment as one of the key moral and religious issues of our time and their principles have been part of our reflection.