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  An update of the 61st Human Rights Commission, March, 2005.

Geneva: 61st Human Rights Commission (CHR61)
Update: March 22nd

CHR61 began with several days dedicated to speeches by dignitaries of member countries (see and click on ‘Press Releases’). Alongside this, there has been been criticism from certain NGOs of the role in the Commission of some of those countries recently identified with Human Rights abuses, and a continuing concern for the Commission to remain faithful to its mandate as the main human rights body established under the UN Charter. In the next few days, the topics for debate include Racism and Racial Abuse, and The Right To Development.

Anglican Communion Representatives participate in the Commission alongside other like-minded organisations, reflecting the need to build alliances with others in order to make concrete progress. With the development of the Anglican Geneva representation, discussions are taking place with groups like the World Council of Churches and Franciscans International. FI explain that their involvement gains legitimacy by reflecting grass-roots concerns: ‘Our statements and initiatives at the CHR will be based upon first-hand information from our members and partners in the field’ (

Similarly, the WCC ( has a focused approach, liaising with ecumenical partners to focus on the issue of indigenous rights, particularly in the province of Papua, Indonesia. The Commission will turn its attention to specific areas of the globe during sessions on 8th & 11th April (‘Indigenous Issues’). The emerging Anglican Representation in Geneva is learning from such potential partners as it shapes an effective model of work – a study of such models and strategies is currently being undertaken by Revd Paul Holley.

Much of the activity of such a conference takes place outside the formal ‘set piece’ sessions, in the parallel meetings organised by civil society groups, and in the linking and networking which can result in practical joint action. Meanwhile, issues of continuing interest to the Anglican Communion Representation, such as women’s and children’s rights, will be debated on 5th & 6th April.

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