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  Mapping the Anglican Response to HIV/AIDS

By launching a new project to map the Anglican response to HIV/AIDS in Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia, the Anglican-UN Office (AUNO) in Geneva aims to encourage more partnership between international and public health agencies and the Anglican Communion. 

This project will show how Anglicans fit into the picture drawn by a World Health Organisation report that faith-based organizations own between 30% and 70% of the health infrastructure in Africa.  It is hoped that a detailed and informative description of the Anglican Communion’s deep involvement in HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support in the three target countries will build confidence in the Anglican community’s potential as an effective partner.

In addition, AUNO Geneva expects the project to prove a useful tool for the Anglican Communion itself – especially as a means of effective dialogue with bodies such as WHO & UNAIDS, but also potentially as a template for mapping projects in other countries and as a way of sharing experiences and best practices for responding to HIV/AIDS. 

The project - funded jointly by the World Health Organisation, UNAIDS and the Anglican Communion, and carried out with the close involvement of CAPA (Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa) - is due for completion by September 2007, when a report will be available for distribution. 

The Capa HIVAIDS TB and Malaria Network web site can be found here:

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