Conflicts in Countries
& the Security Council

  Our View on Economic and Global Security

On behalf of the Anglican Communion, the Office of the Anglican Observer has advocated for peace in numerous areas around the world: in the Middle East; Africa; and in the Pacific. Under the aegis of the Anglican Observer’s ministry, roundtable discussions in several regions of the United States and England are being established with lay Muslims to explore the problems of civil society in addressing the growth of democracy, the rule of law, and human rights. The Observer accomplishes this work through strategic discussions with personnel from the UN Department of Political Affairs, members of the Security Council, ambassadors and permanent mission staff, through news releases and news conference statements, and panel discussions involving government, UN and NGO personnel.

When the Anglican Communion addresses issues of global importance or discovers a critical unmet humanitarian need in one of its Provinces, the Office of the Anglican Observer at the United Nations is uniquely positioned to inform, to advocate, to motivate, and to make the vital connections needed to relieve suffering and save lives anywhere on the planet.

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