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With the establishment of the monitoring and reporting system, the ‘naming and shaming’ list of offending parties, and time-bound action plans, the UN now has a unique and urgent opportunity to redeem the promise to the children, by ending this trend of horrendous crimes against millions of vulnerable children.

Six of the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Directly Relate to Children According to The United Nations Fund for Children (UNICEF) this is no accident, as sustainable communities can only be realized if planning ensures the welfare of future generations. UNICEF advocates for the rights of children worldwide and has as its motto, For every child, health education, equality, protection advance humanity. For more infromation on UNICEF see:

monitors how well States are meeting their obligations under the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The 34th session of the committee in Sept. 2003 reviewed Reports from: San Marino, Canada, New Zealand, Pakistan, Madagascar, Brunei Darussalam, Singapore, Bangladesh, Georgia.

The last session of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in January 2004 reviewed the country reports of: Guyana, Papua New Guinea, Germany, India, Indonesia, Armenia, The Netherlands & Aruba (considered together).

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