Conflicts in Countries
& the Security Council


The Anglican Consultative Council
Supports the United Nations position on Iraq

The Anglican Communion of 70 million people in 165 countries welcomes the willingness of the parties concerned to await the full results of the work of the United Nations Inspectors in Iraq. It also calls on the government of Iraq to comply fully with United Nations resolutions and to cooperate with the inspectors in their tasks.
The Anglican Communion also recommends to the United Nations member states, that subject to reports from UN Weapons Inspectors, for sanctions, except for materials that could be used for weapons of mass destruction, to be lifted.
The Anglican Consultative Council also affirms its solidarity with the position taken by the Episcopal Church, USA, in June 2002, in opposing unilateral military action against Iraq by the United States, and with the views expressed by the Presiding Bishop in his statements in 2002 and 2003 that:

1. War holds the prospect of destabilizing the Middle East and we will all be better served to see our national energies and resources expended in resolving the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, such that Israel finds security and peace with its neighbors and Palestinians achieve statehood;

2. Military action would surely inflame the passions of millions, particularly in the Arab world, setting in motion cycles of violence and retaliation, further straining tenuous relationships that exist between the United States and other nations;

| 3. The United States has the opportunity to express leadership in the world by forging a foreign policy that seeks to reconcile and heal the world’s divisions and reflect its values and ideals by focussing upon issues of poverty, disease and despair, not only within the US but throughout the global community of which it is a apart.


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