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BAC - Brotherhood of the Ascended Christ 

Founded 1877

Today, the Brotherhood has one bishop, three presbyters, two deacons who belong to the Church of North India. Since the earliest days, the Brotherhood has had a concern for serving the poor and underprivileged. In 1973, the Delhi Brotherhood Society was set up to organise social development projects in the poorer parts of Delhi. The work and social outreach of the Brotherhood is with and not for the poor of Delhi. The Brotherhood has initiated programmes of community health, education, vocational training and programmes for street and working children.

Contact Details

Name: Monodeep Daniel BAC  (Head, assumed office 27 November 2013)
Address: Brotherhood House, 7 Court Lane, Delhi, 11054, India
Tel: +91-(11) 2396 8515 or 2393 1432
Fax: +91-(11) 2398 1025
Email: Email