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Lambeth Conferences

The following comments and resolutions appear in the reports of the Lambeth Conference, a meeting of Anglican bishops which happens every 10 years. The resolutions in particular are considered to carry authority as representing the corporate view of the Anglican Communion.

Lambeth Conference 1998

  1998 Lambeth Conference: Resolution V.20: On the Holy Land

This is the key text referring to Israel/Palestine stemming from the 1998 Lambeth Conference. It has a particular focus on the city of Jerusalem.

Lambeth Conference 1988

  1988 Lambeth Conference: Jews, Christians and Muslims: The Way of Dialogue (Appendix 6 of the Report of the 1988 Lambeth Conference)

This is the most thorough attempt to express the Anglican understanding of the Christian relationship with both Judaism and Islam. It is often referred to in more recent Anglican discussion about inter faith matters.

The report was drawn upon within the main body of the Lambeth Conference report in the following paragraph:

‘However, it is the ‘Abrahamic’ faiths, as they are often called, of  Judaism and Islam with which dialogue is both most immediate and most difficult. Where Judaism is concerned, Christians in the west must not be allowed to forget how centuries of antisemitism led up to the unparalleled atrocity of the Holocaust in our century. It is only by showing some authentic repentance and identification with the victims of antisemitism that western Christians can earn the right to challenge the violent reactions of an insecure and threatened Jewish state, and to do so not only on behalf of Christian and Muslim Arabs, especially in Palestine, but in the name of the Jewish heritage itself. We note with interest and sympathy the emergence of a ‘Jewish theology of Liberation’ which we may expect to take up the cause of the oppressed from within the international Jewish community.’

Stemming from the discussion of the report ‘The Way of Dialogue’ there was a resolution on Inter-faith Dialogue

  1988 Lambeth Conference: Resolution 21: Inter-faith Dialogue: Jewish/Christian/Muslim

There was also a Resolution on Israel/Palestine

  1988 Lambeth Conference: Resolution 24: Palestine/Israel

Lambeth Conference 1978

There was a discussion about inter faith concerns, which referred to relations with Judaism as follows:

We recognize and rejoice in our special relationship with the people of the Jewish faith which is based on our common heritage in the Old Testament Scriptures and the mission of Jesus. We deeply regret that discrimination against Jews in practically every country in the past has prevented our dialogue with them from being as fruitful as it might be. We need to discuss with them the significance of the teaching of Jesus, and the relation of Kingship to the service of suffering spoken of in Deutero-Isaiah. This dialogue with Judaism is important not only for its own sake, but also because it provides a model by which we may learn to respond to the sacred writings and histories of the other world faiths.

There was also a Resolution on dialogue with Judaism

  Lambeth 1978: Resolution 37.3

1968 Lambeth Conference

This Conference, held shortly after the 1967 War included the following resolution

  Lambeth 1968: Resolution 15: The Middle East