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Archbishop of Canterbury

A number of speeches and papers delivered by the Archbishop of Canterbury have been concerned with this area. Though they are personal statements rather than official documents of the Anglican Communion it is inevitable, in view of the Archbishop’s role as the focus of unity of the Anglican Communion, that they should be  regarded as holding a certain authority.

   25 December 2006
The Archbishop's Christmas Day sermon in Canterbury Cathedral drew on his experiences during his recent visit to Bethlehem.

19-22 December 2006 Visit to Bethlehem
The Archbishop, and other church leaders in England, visited Bethlehem on an ecumenical pilgrimage. A general report on the visit is found here.

The address given by the Archbishop to the civic leaders of Bethlehem on 21 December 2006 can be found here.

In The Times (London newspaper) of 23 December the Archbishop wrote about his concern and support for the Christian communities of the Middle East. The article can be accessed here.

At the end of their pilgrimage the Archbishop (and Cardinal Cormac Murphy O' Connor) were interviewed by the Today programme (BBC) on 23 December 2006. The transcript of the interview is here.

   19 December 2006 Holocaust Conference in Tehran

    Tuesday 5 September 2006 Archbishop of Canterbury and Chief Rabbis of Israel sign agreement
After a historic meeting at Lambeth Palace which focused on Jewish-Christian relations in the world today and with a particular emphasis on the Middle East the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Chief Rabbis of Israel signed an agreement and issued a communique.

    Statement for Holocaust Memorial Day 2006

    Monday 6 December 2004
A lecture given at a conference on ‘The place of Covenant in Judaism, Christianity and Jewish-Christian relations’ Centre for the Study of Jewish Christian Relations, Cambridge

    Jerusalem 14th April 2004
Holy Land and Holy People
A Lecture at the 5th International Sabeel Conference

    Tuesday 27 January 2004
Ecumenical Service at St George’s Anglican Cathedral, Jerusalem

    Sunday 13 April 2003
Palm Sunday Sermon
St George’s Anglican Cathedral