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WELCOME to ANGLICAN WORLD NEWS AND NOTES, an occasional newsletter from the Anglican Communion Office in London, with updates and information on current activities in and around the Communion and in the London secretariat.

The newsletter is designed for easy downloading and distribution in the diocese, deanery or parish. Your comments are welcome. Be an informed Anglican and share the availability of this newsletter with others.

AEW Online Number4Number 4 October 2008

'Common Word' Conference - p.1
Covenant Design Group - p.1
UN Announcements - p.2
Photographs - p.3

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AEW Online Number1Number 3 June 2008

Limbering up for Lambeth- p.1-p.3

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AEW Online Number1Number 2 April 2008

Network Reports- p.1
Joint Standing Committee (JSC) - March 2008 Resolutions - p.2
52nd Session of the UN Commission on the status of women - p.3
Photo - p.3

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AEW Online Number1Number 1 January 2008

Launch of Lambeth Conference 2008 - p.1
Spouses' Programme - p.2
Challenge 600 to dioceses and parishes - p.3
Joint Standing Committee to meet in London - p.3
NIFCON's new booklet Generous Love - p.3

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