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AEW Online Number1Number 4 October 2008

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Trinity 2007 - Issue 126. Click for Hi Res ImageAdvent 2007 Issue 127-128

The front cover of Issue 127. All Souls Episcopal Mission, New Orleans, welcomed the Archbishop of Canterbury to their new facility and asked him to bless it and pray with them. The site, part of an area devastated by Hurricanne Katrina, is a coverted abandoned Walgreen's Pharmacy. The disaster of Katrina has provided enormous mission opportunities to Bishop Charles Jenkins and his diocese.


Featured in this issue

  • From the National Catholic Reporter
    John Wilkins on the Anglican Communion today. A MUST READ
  • Australia and the Global Poverty Response
  • New Orleans
    During the House of Bishops Meeting of the Episcopal Church,
    Anglican World was able to see first-hand the work being done in
    Christ's name post Katrina and followed Archbishop Rowan on a visit
    to a new mission congregation.
  • New University
    A dream come true for Tanzania
  • Audacious Anglicans
    Audacious Anglicans look at the then and now of church music
  • Provincial Secretaries
    Hong Kong hosts key leaders in the Communion.
  • From Africa
    A story as we approach Lambeth 2008 - the work of the bursary
  • Indigenous Network News

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