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Pastor Mugisha Emile, left, and Bishop John Rucyahana blessing the children.
Photo/ Grace Mugabe
Photo No. : P061219-1
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Over 800 children gather for Christmas prayers
by Grace Mugabe
RWANDA 061219-1
December 19, 2006

[L'Eglise Episcopal au Rwanda - Rwanda] About 800 children recently gathered for Christmas preparations at St. John's Cathedral in the Diocese of Shyira in the northern part of Rwanda.

A one-day special children's prayer was organized by the Diocese of Shyira in an attempt to help the lambs understand the essence of Christmas Day. The event, which saw hundreds of children coming from various parishes, was graced by the Right Rev John Rucyahana, the Diocesan bishop.

Bishop Rucyahana, the leader of the Anglican Church in Musange District, advised the children to stick to biblical norms for moral development.

"Children belong to Jesus Christ. You should therefore be closer to Jesus Christ for growth and safety," Rucyahana said, adding that jubilation day for the birth of Jesus Christ is in the offing and therefore children should welcome it.

The prelate urged the youth to unite and love one another for the sake of national development.

December 25 is a day that encourages African communities to come together in their homes and churches to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.