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L'Eglise Episcopal au Rwanda
Prime Minister Bernard Makuza welcomes Global church leaders.
(Photo/Grace Mugabe)
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Premier Hails Global Religious Leaders
by Grace Mugabe
RWANDA 060921-1
September 21, 2006

[L'Eglise Episcopal au Rwanda - Rwanda] KIGALI CITY – The Prime minister, Honorable Bernard, Makuza has hailed the Global South church leaders for the urge to advocate peace and harmony across the world.

The premier said this on September 20, during the opening of the Global South Anglican special meeting at Hotel des Mille Collines.

“I thank you for your coming and the urge for peace, in view of the geographical distribution you are part of us,” Makuza said, and added: “As religious leaders you should advocate for peace and harmony for the stability of the world.

“Your spirit and contribution is based on collective responsibility and I urge you to cultivate path for social unity,” he said.

He noted that freedom and love is a cornerstone for social progress and urged the peace experts to support the drive for social stability.

“I share my determination to fight poverty with you, and I believe this will improve the lives of our people. Together we can help to fight poverty and HIV/Aids for the good of the world,” he added.

He told the gathering that Rwanda has set a program for fighting poverty and observed that the action has lured all stakeholders in the country in the fight against poverty.

“The best property that one can have is life,” he observed.

On his part, the chairman of the Global South church and the leader of the Anglican Church of Nigeria, Archbishop Peter Akinola said the Global Church was defeated by what befell the nation during the 1994 and vowed to keep praying for Rwandans for total peace. “The Global church will continue to pray for Rwanda and I hope this will make reconciliation a success,” Akinola said.

He added that a three day Global South meeting currently going on in Kigali will also find ways for economic empowerment in the world community.