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The foreign students at Isano public hall.
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Foreign Students Attend Gacaca Lectures
by Grace Mugabe
RWANDA 060916-1
September 16, 2006

[L'Eglise Episcopal au Rwanda - Rwanda] KIGALI CITY – Over forty university students from America, Canada, Uganda and Burundi on Saturday September 9, attended a one day Gacaca lecture at Isano Public hall in Mburabuturo.

The students, who attended the lectures on Gacaca from a legal officer for Gacaca National Service, were in the country for a four day study visit at the invitation of the Anglican Church of Rwanda.

Addressing the students, the legal officer for Gacaca National Service, Faisal Kanamugire told the students that the achievements and progress which Gacaca has made sowed seeds of hope not only in Rwanda but the world over.

“The people of Rwanda can now live in a just society with a prerequisite of unity. Truth is disclosed and judgments rendered in Gacaca which has given confidence to the system,” Kanamugire said, and added, “Gacaca law has also boosted law educational institutions in the country to adopt it.”

He observed that achievements made by Gacaca courts have revealed that Rwanda can be a model of justice not only in Africa but the world over.

“We have demonstrated that Africans can develop their own system of justice to solve their own problems in the African context,” he said.

“The Rwandan justice is inspirational. It’s unique of its kind and that is why we came here to learn Gacaca. I wish all global countries applied this kind of justice, the political anarchy would end,” Cindy Smedley, an American and a legal expert who led the team observed.

“My law research is going to focus on the Rwandan traditional justice. It’s paramount and extraordinary, and not radical like other international laws. It only rotates on reconciliation,” Duke Alberta, a law student from Canada told this reporter.

Doreen Amio, a law student from Uganda says she finds Gacaca justice peaceful because the law tries to teach unity and reconciliation among the Rwandans.

The Anglican Church of Rwanda has been on the forefront of building peace and conflict management throughout the region. It has been inviting Christian university students from the world over to equip them with peace building skills.