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Anglican Church scientists view mobile toilets in Bugesera.
Grace Mugabe
Photo No. : P060909-1
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Bugesera Community Gets Mobile Toilets
by Grace Mugabe
RWANDA 060909-1
September 9, 2006

[L'Eglise Episcopal au Rwanda - Rwanda] Eastern Province – The community in Bugesera district is set to start using mobile toilets in a bid to economize the land and get adequate fertilizers for enriching their soils.

This was revealed on August 30, by an Anglican sanitation expert, engineer Timothy Kayira, to journalists while visiting the mobile toilet site in Maranyondo cell.

“The church has provided mobile toilets to schools and vulnerable residents of Bugesera in an attempt to help the community economize the land and generate fertilizers out of mobile toilet wastes,” Kayira said. “This would enable peasants to apply enough fertilizers on their farms.” He added: “Locals are to be trained on how to make fertilizers from toilet wastes.”

He said the project would constantly offer job opportunities to residents. “We have done this to help the farmers grow enough food crops. Toilet waste turns into manure after two years. The manure is better than the imported ones,” he observed.

He noted that the project is being supported by the Anglican Church of Rwanda in conjunction with Bugesera district.

“The Anglican church has done a tremendous work in Bugesera. It has provided clean water and gave sanitation programs to the local residents. This is good and as local leaders we shall continue working hand in hand with NGOs to protect the lives of our people,” said Cassien Kasire, the director of infrastructure and environment for Bugesera district.