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L'Eglise Episcopal au Rwanda
Fear As Floods Destroy Valley Dam
Grace Mugabe
RWANDA 060601-2
June 1, 2006

[L'Eglise Episcopal au Rwanda - Rwanda] The dam that used to supply water for cattle around Gakoma, Mucucu and Buhabwa sectors in Kayonza District has been destroyed by floods, creating fear among herdsmen.

According to Eng. Emmanuel Karamba, who was found at the dam trying to fix the problem, the floods were due to the heavy rainfall the area had been experiencing in recent weeks.

The cattle keepers are now worried over the source of water for their livestock as the July drought that is likely to worsen the situation sets in.

"This dam has been the main source of water for the residents of Gakoma, Mucucu and Buhabwa sectors. If it dries up, many residents and herds will suffer," he said, adding that the district authorities are trying to renovate the dam.

Commenting on the problem, Gerald Muzungu, the Executive Secretary for Kayonza District, said that the district sent tractors and graders to the affected dam to prevent further destruction.

The destroyed dam was constructed by the Ministry of Defence, in conjunction with the Anglican Church of Rwanda, Diocese of Gahini.