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L'Eglise Episcopal au Rwanda
Pandemics Death Rate High
Grace Mugabe
RWANDA 060523-1
May 23, 2006

[L'Eglise Episcopal au Rwanda - Rwanda] The Director of Health Services for Kigeme Hospital in Nyamagabe District announced recently that the number of lives claimed by pandemics is high around the area.

Dr Sixbert Nkulikiyumukiza pointed out during an interview held at his hospital offices in Nyamagabe that diseases like HIV/Aids and Malaria have severely affected the residents causing too many deaths and orphanage cases.

"Currently, we have many cases of HIV/Aids and malaria in our hospital. The two diseases have actually given us sleepless nights. We tested blood for 6,651 area residents in 2005, and found out that 666 people were infected with HIV/Aids."

He further said that the hospital is now catering for 400 Aids cases by providing them with anti-retroviral drugs.

Nkulikiyumukiza noted that, although the HIV/Aids rate is reducing due to the vigorous government efforts, malaria cases are still high due to the rainy season that leads to the growth of bushes that act as breeding places for mosquitoes.

He observed that the poverty level in the district is also high, which he attributed to high reproduction rate due to poor planning.

"The reproduction rate here is very high and alarming. Residents have many children who they have failed after," he said, and added that the government is soon starting family planning programmes aimed at sensitizing residents on the merits of family planning. He said that once family planning is practiced, it will help to reduce poverty in the area.

The government has standardized health centres in Nyamagabe District by posting professional Doctors.

Kigeme hospital is supported by both the government and the Anglican Church of Rwanda, with both contributing 70% and 30% respectively.