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L'Eglise Episcopal au Rwanda
Dental Patients Receive Treatment
by Grace Mugabe
RWANDA 060610-1
June 10, 2006

[L'Eglise Episcopal au Rwanda - Rwanda] Kigali City – More than 50 dental patients at St. Etienne Health centre, Wednesday, received treatment from four American dental experts who arrived in the country early this week from the United States.

Speaking to the church media, the medical team leader Mike Maitre, said that the aim of their visit was to treat Rwandans who have dental problems and offer some professional tips on maintaining dental hygiene on a voluntary basis.

“Americans love Rwanda and that is why we are here to offer some medical treatment. We shall also offer some health tips to various categories of patients in regard to maintaining dental hygiene,” Maitre said, adding, the team is here for the third time and will continue executing their work as volunteers for the good of the Rwandans.

“We are doing this due to the power of God sent who set us to heal Rwandans,” he claimed, and said they are in the country under the invitation of the Anglican Church of Rwanda.

One patient, Jackie Mugisha, said after treatment, “I have had a dental problem for two years. My teeth have been paining me but after receiving treatment from the experts, my teeth are now normal.”

On his part, Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini, the leader of the Anglican Church of Rwanda, observed that the church is not only for spiritual growth but also committed to delivering community services such as health and education to people.

“As a church, we also have a social responsibility to our people. We get concerned about their welfare, especially health, education and income-generating activities,” he said, adding that the church will continue mobilising its international partners to help improve the social and economic welfare of Rwandans.”

He observed that by improving the social and economic status of Rwandans, the church’s work of turning people to God will be made easier.