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L'Eglise Episcopal au Rwanda
A principal church of the Episcopal Church of Rwanda, Diocese of Kigali
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Episcopal Church of Rwanda Becomes Pillar Of Hope
RWANDA 051219-1
December 19, 2005

[L'Eglise Episcopal au Rwanda - Rwanda] The Episcopal Church of Rwanda has become a pillar of hope and love to millions of Rwandans.

This is observed through a series of peace activities the church has been involved in since the beginning of 2005, a programme that has encouraged other churches in the region to follow suit.

Peace projects have been started and strengthened, resulting in peace crusades becoming the order of the day across the country. This has even prompted international peace scientists to make constant calls to the Episcopal media expert and communications scientist Mr. Grace Mugabe.

According to regional analysts, the church has done necessary work in building peace and fighting HIV-AIDS education.

Various churches in the region are assembling behind the Episcopal Church to develop a common stand for fulfilling Godís mission of uniting his people with Christ the Redeemer after the 1994 Genocide which left the church and the nation in ruins.

In its outreach to Rwandans, the Episcopal Church teaches love and respect as being the key elements to unity and reconciliation. Christians are obliged to love one another as brothers and sisters while showing respect to one another as prescribed in Romans 12:9-10.

An indication of the churchís commitment to building peace in the region is provided by the position of His Grace Emmanuel Kolini, Archbishop of the Episcopal Church of Rwanda, as president of the Inter-Faith Commission for reintegrating genocide survivors, released prisoners and their families.

This inter-faith project brings together all religious denominations in the country. The countryís Islamic leader, Harelimana Swaleh, is Archbishop Koliniís deputy in the Inter-Faith Commission.

The commission seeks ways and means of ending ethnic animosity throughout the region by teaching the gospel of hope, love and reconciliation to Rwandans.