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L'Eglise Episcopal au Rwanda
Episcopal Bishops in a unique meeting at the Episcopal hall in the Diocese of Kigali
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Church members were urged to work for peace.
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Work for Peace – Archbishop
by Grace Mugabe
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November 29, 2005

[L'Eglise Episcopal au Rwanda - Rwanda] The Archbishop of the Province of the Episcopal Church of Rwanda, His Grace Emmanuel Kolini, has urged church members to work for peace in their areas. He noted that peace is the cornerstone for socio-economic development of any society. The prelate said this while addressing church leaders gathered at St.Ethienne, Kigali Diocese, on 25th November.

“As church leaders and representatives of God, you need to work with all your strength to see that Rwandan society flourishes with total peace and harmony,” Archbishop Kolini said, adding that churches should aim not only at filling their temples with the flock but also at preaching vivid messages for transforming the hearts of Rwandans.

He also urged church leaders to engage in the fight against the HIV/ Aids epidemic in a bid to save the nation from catastrophe.

The Episcopal Bishop of Ruhengeri region, the Rt. Rev. John Rucyahana, has urged church leaders to halt evils that have ruined the nation.

“Our society has been hijacked by rape cases, thefts and bad sentiments. As a church we need to stand up and fight these evils for the benefit of our church and the nation,” Rucyahana said.

He also urged all faiths in the country to join hands and fight evils which have ruined the society. Rucyahana further appealed to religions to innovate a culture of peace through effective evangelization.

*** “I hope and I believe that electing Pastor Emmanuel Gatera as the new Provincial Secretary for PEER will help our church attain the apex of development. Sophisticated knowledge has now come in our church,” said Bishop Josias Sendegeya, the outgoing Provincial Secretary for the Province of the Episcopal Church of Rwanda.