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The Rt. Rev. Onesphore Rwaje graces the function. Cows were among the prizes.
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Young men in a race.
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Women also ran.
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Part of the crowd views prizes.
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Love One Another - Bishop
by Grace Mugabe
RWANDA 051118-1
November 18, 2005

[L'Eglise Episcopal au Rwanda - Rwanda] The Episcopal Bishop of Byumba Diocese, the Rt. Rev. Onesphore Rwaje, has urged the residents of Byumba province to love one another for the sake of social development.

The prelate said this on 12th November while gracing the National Olympic competitions for racing at Byumba stadium. The function, which brought together about 500 people from Byumba Province and other provinces across the country, was attended by among others, the Byumba police district commander and provincial local administrators.

The prelate urged Rwandans to unite and love one another for total harmony and development. "The youth is the energy of today and tomorrow and therefore this is the right time to join your peers and build the church and the nation for the good of our society," Rwaje said.

He added that the Episcopal Church of Rwanda had made a decision to save Rwandan youth from contracting HIV/Aids. He noted that the youth were a focal point for unity and peace in any community and urged them to stick to biblical norms for harmony.

A unique one-day event offered participants who won races exotic cows and goats for the sake of promoting culture, unity and peace in the country. It followed two similar Olympic events in 2003 and 2004.

The Olympic project, which commenced in 2002, has so far reached 75,000 Rwandans through sensitization. The event was organized by the province of the Episcopal Church of Rwanda in conjunction with the ministry of culture and sports.

The Episcopal Church of Rwanda has been in the forefront of fighting HIV/Aids and peace-building in the country after the 1994 Genocide, which claimed the lives of a million innocent Rwandans, leaving the church and the nation in ruins.