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L'Eglise Episcopal au Rwanda
Communiqué from the Province of the Anglican Church of Rwanda
by Grace Mugabe
RWANDA 090311-1
March 11, 2009

[L'Eglise Episcopal au Rwanda - Rwanda] On behalf of the Province, the House of Bishops which met on the 6th March 2009 Kigali had this response to make on the Anglican covenant:

1- We, the Province of the Anglican Church of Rwanda, would like to express our appreciation for the initial effort of generating the IDEA of the Anglican covenant, originally proposed in the 2004 WINDSOR REPORT.
2- The Province of the Anglican church of Rwanda, believes very strongly in the Authority of scriptures and holds very dearly the ANGLICAN DOCTRINE, hence the two aspects should form the basis of our ANGLICAN COVENANT.

3. As we engage the process of the formulary of the Anglican Covenant, we subscribe again to the following statements:

A) The Lambeth Conference resolution 1.10
According to one critical aspect on Human sexuality, the Province of the Anglican Church of Rwanda, very strongly expresses its stand on the ordination to the Holy orders of: Deacons, Priests, and Bishops that they ought to be carried out according to Holly Scriptures and the Book of Common Prayer of 1662.
(As applied to practicing homosexuals and lesbians)

(B) The Province of the Anglican church of Rwanda believes the office of the Bishop is a development process from the office of the Deacon and Priest. Therefore we are not engaging only on the consecration to the office of the Bishop.

4. In like manner, we commit to the following Primates’ statements:

A) The Lambeth Palace, 2003
B) The Dromantine Statement
C) The Dar-es-Salaam Statement,

And these other Statements,

D) The Road to Lambeth
E) The Jerusalem Declaration

In conclusion, having said the above, we hold very strongly, that as we continue to engage and develop this ANGLICAN COVENANT, we shall be identified by the Anglican Faith and Practice, based upon the Holly Scriptures, Doctrine and the Anglican Tradition as passed on by the Early church.

Signed by:

1. The Most Rev. Emmanuel Kolini…. Archbishop/chairman
2. The Rt. Rev.Onesphore Rwaje……...Dean
3. The Rt. Rev.John Rucyahana
4. The Rt. Rev.Augustin Mvunabandi
5. The Rt. Rev.Jered Kalimba
6. The Rt. Rev. Josias Sendegeya
7. The Rt. Rev. Nathan K.Gasatura