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L'Eglise Episcopal au Rwanda
Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini (in multicoloured Nigeria shirt) among other religious leaders at the peace conference
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Religious Leaders Urged to Support Fundamental UN Principles
by Grace Mugabe
RWANDA 070726-1
July 26, 2007

[L'Eglise Episcopal au Rwanda - Rwanda] Religious leaders in the Great Lakes Region have been urged to support fundamental human principles that lead to democracy, good governance, security and peace.

This call was made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Charles Muligande, in an address to more than a hundred religious leaders attending a one-day international conference on peace and security for the Great Lakes Region on Friday 20 July.

The Great Lakes Region has been plunged into political anarchy that has seen millions of innocent people die at the hands of ethnic extremists from Darfur in Sudan, eastern DR Congo, Burundi, Rwanda and northern Uganda.

Minister Muligande noted that religions are more effective than governments at leading the masses towards social transformation. "Surely, religious leaders are blessed, and they always gather the masses in their temples for evangelization and spiritual deliverance," he said, adding that religious leaders should use godly powers to bring about social order and peace in the Great Lakes region.

Dr Sezi Bera, Presidential Advisor for Great Lakes Region Affairs, seconded the call and pledged the support of government in a move to enable religious denominations to champion peace in the region.

Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini, the leader of the Anglican Church of Rwanda, responded: "As religious leaders, it's our obligation to advocate for peace in the region and the world. Before God, everything is possible."