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The young people dance for the masses attending the anniversary celebration at Shyogwe
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Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini looks on while Minister Musoni greets the old girls and boys of the school
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Anglican bishops of Rwanda taking part in the ceremony
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Proclaim God's word - Archbishop Kolini
by Grace Mugabe
RWANDA 070628-1
June 28, 2007

[L'Eglise Episcopal au Rwanda - Rwanda] The leader of the Anglican Church of Rwanda, Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini, has called on Rwandans to proclaim the word of God in a bid to get a blessing from God.

The Archbishop said this on Saturday, June 23 to more than a thousand people gathered at Shyogwe Diocese in the south western part of Rwanda while celebrating the 60th anniversary of both the primary and secondary schools of Shyogwe.

He told the congregation to proclaim God's word for complete hope and harmony. 'Shyogwe School is blessed - it was built on the concrete foundation,' Kolini said, and added: 'You should be [part] of this and move forward to proclaim the word of God.'

He advised the enthusiastic audience to act as ambassadors of Christ for the good of the society. The function was attended by local government minister Protais Musoni, International NGO representatives, foreign diplomats and some other government officials.

Addressing a large crowd of people, Minister Musoni called on the people to put in action what Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini said for the good of the nation. He hailed Archbishop Kolini for what his church had done in regard to peace building and evangelism.

Shyogwe primary and secondary schools are missionary schools under the Anglican Diocese of Shyogwe and were built in 1944 by missionaries from the west.

Despite the achievements the schools have registered, they were too affected by the 1994 genocide, which caused the deaths of over one million innocent Rwandans. The Shyogwe schools lost many students and teachers to the genocide due to their ethnic backgrounds.