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September 9, 2006

[PNG - Papua New Guinea] Among news from the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea is that Newton Theological College has celebrated the 25th anniversary of the dedication of the Chapel of St Anthanasius, and Archbishop James has issued a Martyrs’ Day message.

Full details of the latest news follow.

Newton Theological College
Brother Justus, SSF Reports (edited)

The College celebrated the 25th anniversary of the dedication of The Chapel of Saint Athanasius on 6th August, the Feast of the Transfiguration, also the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima.

The General Secretary of the Anglican Church of Japan (Nippon Sei Ko Kai) Fr Laurence Minabe, was the guest preacher. The chapel was largely funded by NSKK. The newly remodelled kitchen and temporary hall was blessed that day as well as the new bell tower.

Fr Laurence was given a traditional welcome by some of the students and nearby villagers. He was surprised when they pointed spears and arrows at him and then had a young boy take him by the hand and lead him into their midst.

He preached a moving sermon, saying that the Church in Japan was indebted to ACPNG for showing them that reconciliation is possible.

A highlight was provided by Aipo Rongo students who formed a bamboo flute band: large pieces of bamboo were played by hitting the open ends with a flip-flop (thong).

It was so wonderful that everyone was working together—Japanese and PNG nationals, people from the college and the surrounding villages, and students from all five dioceses of the church. It showed that different peoples can co-operate with each other and support each other. It was a welcome sign in a time when the church seems to be fracturing over all kinds of differences.

Martyrs' Day Message from Archbishop James

Those who chose to give their lives for the Gospel's sake did so in Faith and in Love for the One who called them to be what they were. They defied death, so that we in PNG might become what we are today.

Their courage in Faith destroyed the linguistic and cultural fences which used to separate one traditional community from the other; it destroyed fear and suspicion and brought us true unity as one people of one country with our Partners.

We thank their relatives and families for them and for their love for us in PNG. We continue to give thanks to God for their courage, that their blood was truly the seed of Christianity here in our country – the seed of the Church. May the Good Lord bless their souls.

With prayer,

Staff Urgently Needed

Could you give a year, or two years, to serve a young Church in a developing country?

Enquiries from UK should be routed via PNGCP in the first instance, from Australia via ABM, and from New Zealand via NZAMB. Job descriptions are now available.

We hope that the work permit/visa delays experienced this year will be overcome.

Adapted from Nathan Morsillo's recent letter to Partners:

Manager – Finance & Administration, Anglican National Office – Lae Popondota Diocesan Secretary, Popondetta, Oro Province – After short-listing, a PNG citizen, after accepting this role, however at the last moment pulled out from taking up this important position in the largest Anglican Diocese. The Diocese continues to search for an able administrator (Word/Excel)– preferably also with some financial background to support Bishop Joe Kopapa.

Water Engineer – Efforts continue to fill this important position for the Anglican Health Service. Contact Ulch Tapia: ahspop@global.net.pg

Doctors – Anglican Health Service – Efforts continue to fill this important position for the Anglican Health Service. (Note: There are currently no doctors working in the three rural hospitals in the Anglican Health Service, which means that no aspiring medical electives can be placed for the time being. Updates are on the PNGCP “Staff Needed” web page. VSO Doctors Jess & Richard Keeble left Koinambe in February, but no replacements have yet been found.

National Development Manager – location flexible, t.b.a. – Building on the contribution of John & Della Rea, this position will be heavily involved with the Church Partnership Program (CPP) (AusAID) working closely with the Health & Education sector to refine current processes/reporting & build capacity across ACPNG.

ACPNG Staff Comings and Goings

John and Della Rea, after three years as Project & Development Officers based in Mount Hagen, “go finish” in September; after less than a year, Nathan Morsillo, an AVI volunteer from Melbourne who, although recruited as Manager, Accounting & Administration, has ably taken on the role of General Secretary (Acting).

Please continue to pray for Kola Akinola, ACPNG National HIV and AIDS Development Co-ordinator, who will be based in National Office; also Dennis Khoo, Aipo Rongo Diocesan Secretary, for Archbishop James Ayong in Mount Hagen and Dennis's new wife, Mery, from Jakarta (travelling as a dependent) who has still not received visa clearance. Work permits came through at the beginning of July for Dennis and Kola; in the past visa clearance has followed almost immediately.

Despite the best efforts of Port Moresby Diocesan Secretary, Tim Williams and London High Commission, this time another frustrating wait began – and we are not alone, some church workers have waited for visas since February. Dennis and Kola's visa clearance came through on 24th August, but not Mery’s. Please remember all three, and those in ACPNG anxiously awaiting their soonest arrival for handover before “going finish” themselves.