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Bishop Roger Jupp Resigns for Health Reasons
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January 21, 2005

[PNG - Papua New Guinea] The Rt Rev'd Roger Jupp has informed our Primate that for health reasons he is resigning from the position of Bishop of Popondota with effect from 28th February this year.

Bishop Roger, an unmarried clergyman from the United Kingdom, was recruited for the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea by the Papua New Guinea Church Partnership during 2000. In November of that year he began work as Principal of Newton Theological College, the position which he held for the following two years.

As leader of the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea's only institution for the preparation of candidates for the ordained ministry he maintained the high standards of his predecessors and made a number of significant improvements to the academic, pastoral and spiritual life of the College.

At the beginning of 2003 he was elected Bishop of Popondota in succession to the Rt Rev'd Reuben Tariambari, and though he left Newton College with regret he accepted the challenge of his new position whole-heartedly and undertook an intensive programme of pastoral visits and administrative work whilst retaining a deep concern for the Church's ordinands, particularly those from his own diocese.

In May 2004, whilst on a visit to Australia, he was diagnosed as having a serious heart condition, which necessitated a triple bypass operation in June followed by a period of convalescence. After a short period back in Papua New Guinea he went on furlough to England, and whilst there he came reluctantly to the conclusion that the state of his health would not allow him to continue with the stressful and physically demanding responsibilities of his position.