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Episcopal Church Women will talk about Human Sexuality
by Tzeitel Allen
PANAMA 050414-1
April 14, 2005

[Iglesia Episcopal de Panamá - Central America] The President of the Episcopal Church Women of the Central Region of America, Mrs. Thelma Wilson, announced that the women of that region will gather I July 2005 to discuss the topic of Human Sexuality. The announcement was made in the presence of 51 delegates, clergy and special guests, at the 67th Annual Meeting of the ECW of Panama.

The gathering will take place in the City of San José, Costa Rica, in order to provide an opportunity for fellowship and sharing experiences among the women from the Anglican churches of El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicargua and Panama, which are components of Province No.37of the Anglican Communion, known as the Anglican Church of the Central Region of America (IARCA, by its Spanish abbreviation)

"The dioceses of IARCA seems to have no interest in the topic of Human Sexuality. I believe that we have ignored this topic for too long and the time has come to face it," said Mrs. Wilson during her address to the ECW of Panama Meeting. "I believe that if discussion or study should be made in our province about Human Sexuality, then the women of IARCA should participate actively at the diocesan and provincial level as well."

The event will be held two years after the August 2003 controversial Minneapolis General Convention in which the Episcopal Church of the United States of America (ECUSA), consented to the ordination of the first bishop that has openly declared his decision of living in a homosexual relationship.