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Mr and Mrs Basil Le-Pine Williams
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Former Provincial Secretary Ash to be Buried in Solomon Islands
November 1, 2006

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] The first Provincial Secretary of the Church of Melanesia, Mr. Basil LePine-Williams' ash will be buried in the St. Barnabas Cathedral grounds to honour his long and dedicated services to the Church for nine and half years.

The late Williams body was cremated on 17th February 2006 and sent to Honiara recently for burial following his death on 8th February 2006 at Heathcote, Cheshire in England.

He was 87 when he died.

Williams sailed to Solomon Islands with his wife Ann and two sons Neil and Guy in 1974 after a voyage of five months in a small boat the MV Ebb Tide. LePine came to look after the Taroaniara Shipyard on Gela. He was later offered the post of Provincial Secretary by the Archbishop John Chisholm.

During his time as the Provincial Secretary he played a significant role in the development of the Church Administration to what it is today.

He put the archives in order, introduced electronic accounting; formulate policies of the Church to name a few.

Williams was instrumental in paving the way and making the Church become an independent province from New Zealand in 1975.

He served the Church up until 1982 when he returned to England where he retired until his passing away early this year.

The late Williams has been well remembered and described by many Solomon Islanders who worked closely with him then, as a very hard working, energetic and a devoted Christian who accepts responsibilities in just about any circumstance.