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Heifers delivered on to the pen.
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Farm Manager Mr. Philip Dovo on the newly delivered tractor.
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Beau Plantation Boosted with Additional Equipment and Cattle
November 1, 2006

[Melanesian Messenger - Melanesia] Beau Plantation a commercial arm of the Church of Melanesia Holdings Limited on Malo Island in Vanuatu has recently received a tractor and equipment from Mr. Malcolm Pease and Christian friends in New Zealand to boost production on the Plantation.

Together with the tractor were 12 heifers delivered to the Plantation on board local landing craft the MV Brisk on 21st May 2006. These have added to the cattle stock currently on the Plantation.

The 146 hectares Plantation continues to grow in production with the selling of green copra and cassava produces from the 4 plots being planted on Malo Island.

Citrus plants also from Beau Plantation have been selling well in the local markets as well. A piggery unit has also been started and is continuing to grow.

Under the Management of Mr. Philip Dovo an experienced Agriculturist with his team of 4 workers, the plantation will continue to expand its coconut-planting program.

It is anticipated that the workers will plant coconut on the land where the cassava have been planted and harvested.

Currently the plantation is producing and selling green copra. The workers are putting up a new drier and rebuilding a dock so they can be used to process dried copra, which is selling at a much better price than green copra. This is expected to be completed later in the year.

Plans are underway for the bulldozer to be taken across to Malo to clear the coastal soils to enhance pasture development to cater for the increase in cattle herd.

With developments now taking place on the plantation, it must be emphasized the that these developments might not have happened without the continuous financial support from Church Headquarters, Church of Melanesia (Vanuatu) Trust Board, the two Vanuatu Dioceses and COM Vanuatu Provincial Office.